Why WordPress is the best Platform for Internet Marketing Professionals

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IMSaul.com is Powered by WordPressBusinesses & Professionals should utilize the power of the WordPress Platform for Internet Marketing.

WordPress is a blogging platform and a content management system (CMS) which is based on PHP and MySQL  Now it is being used to design complete websites as it allows static pages as well as dynamic posts.Flexibility (Allows for easy modification with little knowledge of HTML/CSS, and a bit of creativity). New programming languages are constantly being added in use with the platform e.g., Javascript, JQuery, LESS etc.

Some of the key features that internet marketers should know about the WordPress CMS before they consider any other platform are:

  • Ease of use (specially for people who know how to write and don't care for what goes in the backend).
  • Ease of deployment (Anyone with a bit of help can easily deploy a single user installation of WordPress).
  • Easy to outsource as many qualified designers and developers available.
  • Easy to enhance with third party plugins which are abundant in supply (free and paid).
  • As per Wikipedia article on WordPress, this CMS is used more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013 assuming the number bypassed 60 million websites with the release and updates of version 3.8 in 2014 at the time of this article. Version 3.8 also known as Parker is responsive in design to suit viewing on mobile devices for current market trends. Warning: Some plugins/widgets may not work on this version though. Verify your apps before upgrade.
  • Open source allowing the freedom to be used, shared and changed by anyone i.e., made by people for the people (now where did I hear that one). And yes is FREE.

WordPress is a one of the best platforms in my humble opinion for internet marketers for several reasons mentioned and more.....

WordPress CMS Platform is available in two different flavors, Self Hosted WordPress.org which is hosted on your preferred hosting provider and allows you more control and customizing. Hosted WordPress.com is pre-installed version with limited customization options for those that would like to blog without dealing with the technicalities and personalizing the install.

WordPress utilizes plugins to enhance its functionality, and some plugins have shown to be high risk for hacking. Some security vulnerabilities include:

  • Redirect traffic to hacker's website.
  • Denial of service attacks (DOS).
  • SQL injection & command execution.
  • Access to passwords via htaccess and/or other means.
  • Use your site as part of hacker link network.
  • Embedding of encrypted code in your Php files.

While this list may not be complete it does suggest that the self-hosted WordPress installation include a security and backup solution as part of the installation. Some possible deterrents that could be utilized as part of the solution are:

  • Change the name of admin use to some random characters that is hard to remember.
  • Create additional user for posting articles on the website.
  • Use strong password with mix of capital and small letters, numbers and symbols with length more than 6 characters.
  • Ensure the PC that connects to the backend is virus and malware free.
  • Install security and backup plugins.
  • Regularly backup website.
  • Limit access to specific directories such as wp-content and .htaccess file.
  • Only install plugins and templates from reliable developers.


I have tried my best to provide an informative article for you with relevant links and sources for referenced works. If you like this post please share it and comment below. Thanks.

SaulWhy WordPress is the best Platform for Internet Marketing Professionals

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